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After 25 years on the Square in Waynesboro, our office has moved to Wayne Heights!


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Back to School: Make Sure your College Student is Prepared!

As August draws near, many families are preparing to send their children to college. For those families, this time of year brings a frenzy of last-minute preparations, such as making those upsettingly costly textbook purchases, finding the exact dorm room décor that’s trending, or attempting to impart important life lessons, like how to make friends out of strangers, and how to cook in a dorm room without a kitchen.

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Don’t Lose Your Business! New Annual Registration Requirements for Pennsylvania Businesses

Starting in 2024, all business entities registered to do business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must submit an annual registration report with the Pennsylvania Department of State. If a business fails to register for the year, it may lose its permission to do business in the state and its rights to the exclusive use of its business name. It could also lose its limited-liability status, which means business owners could become personally liable to any potential lawsuits that arise against...

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“Offloading” Risk to Your Back Pocket

One look at my retirement funds quickly tells you what will consume my time in retirement - WORK!  With my account loaded down with fast-growing, aggressive bank stocks like Citigroup, Wachovia, and, a Pennsylvania favorite, Sovereign Bank, I was crushed in the financial debacle that overtook our nation four to five years ago.  These stocks generated such debilitating losses that one cannot recover in a reasonable span of time. 

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Can I Get That In Writing?

As a full-service law firm, we are able to provide for the many needs of our clients, from handling real estate, estate planning, and business transactions to lawsuits and litigation which take place in court. Although we are glad to help our clients with any legal need they may have, it is often disappointing to learn that many of our clients' conflicts could have been avoided.

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